Photo Credit:  Caitlin Casella Photography

Photo Credit:  Caitlin Casella Photography





*****  I closed my business Nourished Self at the end of 2014.  I have decided to leave up this website in the hope that others find my writing, content, videos and other information helpful on their journey and to also provide HOPE for others that they CAN heal and that THINGS do get better.  I am no longer operating under the business name Nourished Self.  *****


Jody Mello is an International Best Selling Author, Speaker, Holistic Health Coach, Yoga and Meditation Instructor and Reiki Practitioner.  

Her mission is to empower other women who have experienced sexual trauma to reclaim their health and their lives.  



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As an author, speaker,  yoga instructor, intuitive healer, holistic health coach, meditation instructor and natural living and wellness expert and advocate, I am determined to empower women, just like you, who are also survivors of sexual assault and rape to take back their health, and their lives and heal themselves naturally.


Photo Credit © Jody Mello of Nourished 

Photo Credit © Jody Mello of Nourished 



Chances are you are here to heal yourself, either intentionally and consciously or not.  If you’re anything like I used to be, you’re likely struggling with the relationship you have with food, your body, yourself and your life. You have had past sexual trauma that you either ignored to heal, have tried to heal but have had no progress or thought you had healed but realize that there is much more work to be done.  


  • Maybe you’re turning to toxic food, alcohol, cigarettes, self punishment and negative self talk, sugar binges, overwork, overexercise, dieting, starving, bingeing, emotional eating, have chronic inflammation, chronic stress, turning to toxic relationships or more in an attempt to try to hide what you’re really feeling.


  • Maybe you're living "two lives":  One where you're completely put together and super successful and the other where you're completely falling apart at the seams.  


  • Maybe you’re depressed, anxious or having panic attacks and have been put on medications but know there is another way to live and that’s not the answer.


  • Maybe you’re having digestive problems or food sensitivities and can’t seem to find out what is safe to eat or what works for your unique body.


  • Maybe you’re having a cancer scare and don’t know what to do.


  • Maybe you’re struggling with hormonal problems, have pelvic pain and issues, lack of energy, issues with your cycles or more.


  • Maybe you’re wanting to get healthy, but you’re scared to change, or not sure what IS healthy, or are trying to figure out what your next steps are to heal or you’ve been trying to change and realize you need support to really make this work.


  • Maybe you realize it’s time to get your stuff together and that if you don’t, you don't know what may happen.




  • Maybe you know what you SHOULD be doing, but you just can’t seem to make the changes stick. You feel like you keep going around and around in circles and getting nowhere.


You’ve likely reached the point where you’re sick and tired of the way things are and you’re probably really scared of what may happen if things don’t change.


I totally get it.


I was once there too and I found my way out and healed myself, and I can help you find your way too.


Photo Credit © Jody Mello of 

Photo Credit © Jody Mello of 

If you’re ready to heal, you’ve come to the right place.

  • I believe in empowering others to be their best.
  • I believe in support, collaboration, teamwork and providing a sacred space to explore without judgment.
  • I believe in following your own intuition and guidance and listening to your inner voice.
  • I believe you have the power to transform your health and your life from the inside out.

Truth is, change requires work, sometimes uncomfortable work, however, I believe that each of us has infinite potential and with the right support, encouragement, education, truth, space and guidance, we can all achieve what we set out to do and we can all heal ourselves.

In order to transform, we must look within.  We must be willing to get radically honest, to accept full responsibility and to take action from a place of love and empowerment instead of fear.  

I love guiding women to help them heal from the inside out so their light shines brightly from within.

I work with women who have experienced sexual trauma through assault and/or rape who are ready to heal.

 Women who are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.  

Women who are chronically stressed, anxious, depressed, turning to unhealthy things to cope with life (sugar, food, alcohol, overwork, dieting, overexercise and more), who are ready to do the deep work and to say yes to themselves to change.

Through education and empowerment as well as belief change work and coaching, I empower you to change from the inside out.

I provide online classes and workshops as well as individual coaching and private yoga and meditation instruction to promote healing of the mind, body and spirit.

Visit my Yoga Page as well as Holistic Healing Page above and follow me on social media for tips and inspiration.


“It’s in our hearts we find our truth.  It’s in the spaces between our breaths, we find our peace.” ~ Jody Mello

Photo Credit  Caitlin Casella Photography

Photo Credit  Caitlin Casella Photography

Jody Mello

Certified Holistic Health Coach

Integrative Health Coach, Duke Integrative Medicine, Duke University

Certified 500 hr Yoga Instructor

Reiki Practitioner

Founder of Nourished Self



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